10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep Yo

10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work http://ow.ly/vPzUa There are some really GREAT ideas here – some apps, some behaviors – all good! Have a listen on Umano and jot down some of the others as you read through the article…

Rooting Out Hubris, Before a Fall – Stev

Rooting Out Hubris, Before a Fall – Steven Berglas – Harvard Business Review http://ow.ly/vPaWT Hubris can be especially treacherous for consultants, in that we are supposed to be confident enough to convince others that our approach is sound and productive; yet we often come off sounding prophetic and having keys to the “only way” to […]

Did you miss the March 31st deadline for

Did you miss the March 31st deadline for Obamacare? Don’t despair, there’s still time to get health insurance. HackerCare open enrollment lasts until April 17 for a May 1st activation date. This will help you avoid the tax penalty for not having a qualifying insurance plan. We are waiving the 50.00 a year HackerCare enrollment […]

Sacramento International looking for ven

Sacramento International looking for vendors, lounge operator – Sacramento Business Journal http://ow.ly/v8YMy am curious. What is the perceived benefit of having a 15-30 minute “quick coaching” session on the far side of the TSA – once checked in, gone through security, and simply waiting for the boarding call? How about a quick lesson on adding […]