Look, here it is folks: I found out a fe

Look, here it is folks: I found out a few weeks ago that I could post to multiple sites (including LinkedIn groups) via HootSuite. So, I started forwarding items that I thought might be of interest to those audiences (with I think one accidental exception of a personal blog about the permanent diaconate). Some items […]

On the verge of the diaconate.

On Saturday evening, 26 April 2014, the Sacramento Diocese Permanent Diaconate class of 2016 honored the class of 2014 – currently finalizing their journey of formation towards ordination – with a beautiful green (ordinary time) stole and a bracelet for our spouses.  These gifts were not only thoughtful and useful; they also prompted reflection on […]

@almadakaj @drlarryhiner Thanks for the mention! What do you think about strong corporate cultures? Are they simple reflections of collective characteristics, or is there an identifiable “culture” that defines an organization?