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Dignity as evidenced in Plurals

Dr. Larry’s note: please read this insightful article, and then think about how PERSONSp evidence dignity for others within themselves (seem odd? read the article). Then, please comment on how the concept of an Ideal Self jibes with this phenomenon.  How, also, does this teach you and me about maintaining our dignity for others?  What […]

Bersin: Why Simplicity is the Next Big T

Bersin: Why Simplicity is the Next Big Thing in HR | LinkedIn WE say: In the Age of Ambiguity, striving for simplicity yields actionable plans. HR is no exception; but often trails, rather than leads, the rest of the organization.

Halelly’s ASTD 2014 Conference Presenta

Halelly’s ASTD 2014 Conference Presentation Covered by Bloomberg Human Resource Report WE say: WE call it “enablement,” and the outcome is the same – enabled workers contributing out of their own growth to the aligned objectives of the organization. Also, nice bridge from engagement to knowledge management.

RT @MeghanMBiro “+1 @isocial_fanz Love

RT @MeghanMBiro “+1 @isocial_fanz Love new perspectives! “The Flip Side #Employee Engagement   @justinlocke #TChat #HR #Leadership” WE say: strength-based management and leadership requires particular skills, WE agree (and address).

Look, here it is folks: I found out a fe

Look, here it is folks: I found out a few weeks ago that I could post to multiple sites (including LinkedIn groups) via HootSuite. So, I started forwarding items that I thought might be of interest to those audiences (with I think one accidental exception of a personal blog about the permanent diaconate). Some items […]

@almadakaj @drlarryhiner Thanks for the mention! What do you think about strong corporate cultures? Are they simple reflections of collective characteristics, or is there an identifiable “culture” that defines an organization?

Using Social Media as a new paradigm: My

Using Social Media as a new paradigm: My process is that I see something that might interest Workforce Equanimity ( customers – mindfulness, leadership, management, post-modern organizations, personal strengths, making the most of a work day, work-life integration, etc. – I forward it. Some may comment; most scan and pass along. To me, the purpose […]

DO NOT subscribe to UBM Tech if you ever

DO NOT subscribe to UBM Tech if you ever want to stop being flooded with unstoppable emails trying to sell you on tech conferences you may or may not need. @OrlandoInc