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Intersection of Banana Splits and Performer Support

There’s Nothing that Performance Support and a Little Ice Cream Can’t Fix – Performer Support. Please scan Sue Reber’s excellent blog and analogy of banana splits and performance support.  Then.. I think there’s a richness here (not just from the whipped cream) in analogy.  And, I suggest that there is another dimension that may deserve […]

Intersections of 70:20:10

Jay Cross’ post in the Chief Learning Officer’s blog-space (The Other 90 Percent of Learning – Chief Learning Officer, Solutions for Enterprise Productivity) once again iterates the well-known observation that (depending on how you slice it and who’s doing the slicing) formal learning accounts for far less than 20% of what people need to know […]

Intersection of Creativity and Leadership

Why Creativity Is the Most Important Leadership Quality – Chief Learning Officer, Solutions for Enterprise Productivity. This article reviews several factors involved in the creative process, and makes some recommendations for Chief Learning Officers and other leaders to enhance their creative output.  The spark for this article is the IBM 2012 CEO Study, which claims (in part) that creativity is the […]

Intersection of Leadership and Innovation; from my 2007 dissertation

Monograph: Innovation Leadership Chapter 1: Introduction Innovation Leadership is the intersection of the best theory and practice ineach of the respective disciplines (that is, innovation and leadership) that,appropriately applied, will lead to the enhancement of the innovative climate across an organization. In 1994, Peter Drucker observed: “Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs […]

Intersection of Flow, sports, and knowledge work

How to Get into Your Zone – James Allworth – Harvard Business Review | LinkedIn. I would agree with most of what James Allworth had to say, especially when it comes to physical challenges and performance. There is, I would imagine, some carryover to the realm of the knowledge worker’s day; but I think there, […]

Intersection of ego and team.

A threaded discussion began in the LinkedIn Organizational Learning group with the (paraphrased) question, Why do kindergardners collaborate better than adults? My initial response was brief, yet to the point. Because they have not yet developed the egos that interfere with collaboration. Upon further reflection and comments in the thread, I want to more clearly […]

Intersection of threaded discussions and live events: the Un-conference

It must have been the 1970s when the makers of 7-Up launched a campaign to brand the product as different from all of the popular, caramel-colored beverages of the day. They called theirs, “the Un-Cola.”. This blog entry talks about the Un-conference. Professional academic conferences are formal learning events. A subject matter expert (SME) curates […]

Intersection of Healthcare and other industries.

I’ve been recently involved in a discussion on a LinkedIn site about whether (provider) healthcare is fundamentally the same as other industries.  This was in reply to a post that claimed, “Healthcare, you’re not so different.”  One of my replies is here, for your edification:  I certainly don’t want to polarize the debate as to […]

The Content Economy: The collaboration pyramid or iceberg

The Content Economy: The collaboration pyramid or iceberg. Oscar Berg has done a fine job of intersecting “collaboration” with “value creation” in organizations (see link to his blog, above). It also occurs to me that Lewin’s forming-storming-norming-transforming rubric also applies here.  The groups/communities/teams must transition through trust-building, wrestling with roles, authority, and areas of contribution, before […]