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Intersection of Business Process Management and Healthcare

In reply to a discussion thread on the potential benefits of applying business process management (BPM) to “fix” healthcare, I wrote: Applying BPM or any process improvement to “healthcare” is still just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Until the hard questions – which no politician or healthcare entity is willing to ask at this […]

Intersection of Healthcare and other industries.

I’ve been recently involved in a discussion on a LinkedIn site about whether (provider) healthcare is fundamentally the same as other industries.  This was in reply to a post that claimed, “Healthcare, you’re not so different.”  One of my replies is here, for your edification:  I certainly don’t want to polarize the debate as to […]

Intersection of (Health) Care Management and Organizational Learning

From a patient’s perspective, Care Management involves orchestrating the many, varied options for care delivery, which will then maximize the patient’s health.  In support of the Care Managers, the organization’s responsibility is to orchestrate the many, varied options that establish a continual learning environment, to maximize the Manager’s ability to deliver superior service.  This involves […]