Look, here it is folks: I found out a fe

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Look, here it is folks: I found out a few weeks ago that I could post to multiple sites (including LinkedIn groups) via HootSuite. So, I started forwarding items that I thought might be of interest to those audiences (with I think one accidental exception of a personal blog about the permanent diaconate). Some items have even kicked off lively discussions and have raised my Klout score. Today, though, I get an email from LinkedIn, claiming that many folks are reporting my posts as inappropriate or spam (which they most certainly are NOT!) and putting my LI membership in jeopardy, Two groups wrote to me directly (thank you, you know who you are, although you’re no longer on this list), stating that they appreciate having ONLY discussions initiated by them or relative to their product – and I simply deleted those sites from my mulli-distro list. If you have a problem with my posts, email me directly . and I will remove your site from my list. Not need to go all big brother on me… http://ow.ly/wlZNA

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