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Using Social Media as a new paradigm: My process is that I see something that might interest Workforce Equanimity ( customers – mindfulness, leadership, management, post-modern organizations, personal strengths, making the most of a work day, work-life integration, etc. – I forward it. Some may comment; most scan and pass along.

To me, the purpose of the web is to connect people and ideas. They may briefly glance and dismiss my forwards, or it may change their lives – but the idea is to connect: people, ideas, people. HootSuite offers a nifty way of accelerating that process, by sending out posts to multiple sites at once; so, I forward to our Facebook WE site, our Linked In sites, our groups, our “peeps.” Some – very few, but some – Social Media sites are only interested in ideas that have to do with their product/concept, or that are the full expression of ideas and stories that develop into threads of their own. That’s fine – but I think that’s an out-moded means of communication (kind of like this posting). However, I thought I would explain myself, as some folks are commenting that they are seeing my name (and that of Workforce Equanimity, LLC) everywhere.

I hope that’s a good thing (the branding people tell me it is!); but if you have an issue with it – you know where to find me. Let’s talk. mailto://

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