Intersection of Banana Splits and Performer Support


There’s Nothing that Performance Support and a Little Ice Cream Can’t Fix – Performer Support.

Please scan Sue Reber’s excellent blog and analogy of banana splits and performance support.  Then..

I think there’s a richness here (not just from the whipped cream) in analogy.  And, I suggest that there is another dimension that may deserve more emphasis.  Even in the scenario you describe, there are many places in the process where decisions need to be made (the “? diamonds” in the workflow diagram). As more and more revenue is derived from the “services” industry, the more and more we need engaged, enabled employees who are efficiently and productively making economical and aligned decisions.  As you were piling on the chocolate – you needed to know not only the client’s preference, but how much they can tolerate, what time of day it is, what their potential other health struggles might be, etc… and then respond as a responsible parent/adult.

These are the kinds of nuanced decisions that we expect of our employees – how do we prepare them to do so?

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