Bersin: Why Simplicity is the Next Big T

Bersin: Why Simplicity is the Next Big Thing in HR | LinkedIn WE say: In the Age of Ambiguity, striving for simplicity yields actionable plans. HR is no exception; but often trails, rather than leads, the rest of the organization.

Halelly’s ASTD 2014 Conference Presenta

Halelly’s ASTD 2014 Conference Presentation Covered by Bloomberg Human Resource Report WE say: WE call it “enablement,” and the outcome is the same – enabled workers contributing out of their own growth to the aligned objectives of the organization. Also, nice bridge from engagement to knowledge management.

RT @MeghanMBiro “+1 @isocial_fanz Love

RT @MeghanMBiro “+1 @isocial_fanz Love new perspectives! “The Flip Side #Employee Engagement   @justinlocke #TChat #HR #Leadership” WE say: strength-based management and leadership requires particular skills, WE agree (and address).